Sunday, June 11, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 5 (June 4 - 24) June11th


Andy Stephen
Mike McCartan
Eric Shaw


Bo Stern
Charlie Farhoodi
Dan Breye
Jo Bradshaw
Linda Blakely
Timothy Wright
Vasyl "Bill" Radzevych
Zoltan Torma

Lead guide Andy Stephen checked in. Team 5 was hunkered down at Camp 2, taking another rest day, due to high winds and a wintry mix of precipitation. Andy said the team is just excited to be in the big mountains, and the day was spent eating, sleeping and joking around. They were hoping for better weather tomorrow morning, which is predicted to be nicer, that will allow them to get a cache in at 13,000ft. Guide and 'chef' Shaw conjured up a delicious dinner of beans and naan for the team.

Today Team 5 was "able to get out of the swampy, soupy and warm weather of Camp 2" at 11,200ft and get their cache in at 13,200ft. Andy stated the climb up to that elevation was exciting, full of weather, wind and cheese. Everyone is excited to have made it higher and can't wait to make another push to Camp 4 tomorrow. Dinner is provided courtesy of Chef shandy, who is cooking up a fine meal of burritos with salsa. They send their best wishes and hope that we are having just as good a time following along as they are on beautiful Denali!

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Emily Beanblossom said...

Way to go, everyone! Keep up the good work, and thank you for posting. Your loved ones are cheering for you!