Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 Ecuador Cayambe/Antisana Skills Expedition and Chimborazo Extension (June 16 - 30) Dispatch 5

June 28th Dispatch

Climbers: Kirsty, Timothy, Participant 3

Guide: Estalin Suarez

Phone call from Elstalin:

I wanted to call and let you know today’s climb went great!

Today we had our last day on the mountain, and it was a great day.   The whole group was able to reach the Whymper Peak Summit on Chimborazo (20,548 ft)!  The weather was still not very good today, so we didn’t expect to summit, but the group worked hard and were in good spirits.  We made steady progress, at each rest stop we felt good about continuing, and we went all the way.   Everyone was so excited to be on top and – at the furthest point from the earth's center.

Now everyone is safe and happily resting in the beautiful, semi-tropical town of Baños.  We are really tired but very happy and ready to celebrate the summit.  We will spend one more day here in Baños, basically having a relaxing day and making visit to some of the beautiful waterfalls around this area.

It's been a great experience together.  Thanks for following our adventure!

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