Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 6 (June 11 - July 1)


Richard Riquelme
Wyatt Evenson
Max Lurie


Carlos Barquet
Christopher Eubanks
Emal Ehsan
Huachao "Mike" Chen
Jeff Burkard
Peter Blackshaw
Sophie Hilarie
Timothy Switzer

Team 6 guide Wyatt Evenson called in. The team was hunkered down at 14 Camp (14,200') over the past several days, resting and preparing their High Camp strategy. They have been met with great weather, starting with their arrival to 14 Camp to their most recent update. The weather has been clear and sunny, with few clouds and very low wind. The team trained with fixed lines to prepare for the steeper sections of the mountain as well as resting for the next push. They were able to make a cache at 16,200' above the fixed lines. Over the weekend they also celebrated Sophie Hilarie's birthday! Happy Birthday from AAI to Sophie! What a way to spend it, on one of the most impressive mountains in the world! A delicious meal of pasta and garlic sauce was made by chef Max Lurie...though they were unfortunately out of creme brulee for Sophie...The team has one more rest day built in before they try and make a push for High Camp, weather dependent.


Anonymous said...

It's spelled "Hilaire". A very common mistake.

Anonymous said...

Great job everyone. Go Peter!