Friday, June 16, 2017

2017 Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 5 (June 4 - 24) June 15th


Andy Stephen
Mike McCartan
Eric Shaw


Bo Stern
Charlie Farhoodi
Dan Breye
Jo Bradshaw
Linda Blakely
Timothy Wright
Vasyl "Bill" Radzevych
Zoltan Torma

Team 5 guide Eric Shaw checked in from 14,000' Camp! Yesterday the team got a cold and early start around 7am. They spent the first several hours climbing in the shade in single digit temperatures. They were fortunate enough to catch the sunrise over the West Buttress just as they reached the fixed lines. This made the rest of the day much more bearable for the team during their crossing of the Bergschrund and climbing to their cache around 16,000ft. Regardless it was a hard day! Eric stated that as usual Team 5 rose to the challenge and everyone was at Camp in great time at 2pm. The weather looks positive and the team hopes to make a push for High Camp today, and weather permitting, for a summit attempt this weekend!

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