Thursday, June 21, 2012

Denali Team 6: June 3 to June 23 - Disptch #14

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Tad McCrea

Climbers: Jim Bonadonna (New York), David Wain (UK), David Pritchett (UK), Todd Fletcher (Australia), Peter Menne (Germany), David Martin (Australia), Mark Mueller (California), Philip Mace (Bermuda), Brian Knowles (California)

Mike called at 3:30pm PST on 6/21 with the following dispatch:

"Hey, we're back in Talkeetna!  We left from 17 camp at about 12:30 in the afternoon and made an awesome 18hr push all the way down to arrive at Basecamp at about 6:30.  We picked up David from Andrew, Mary and Paul's team, and brought him down with us, and now Paul is hitchhiking his way back up to his team [note: climbers must travel in teams of at least 3 while on the mountain].  Thanks to everyone for a great climb!"

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BarbieK said...

It was so enjoyable reading the dispatch calls and we want to thank you so much Mike and the rest of the Guides for leading our sons, husbands, boyfriends and men on a succesful Summit! Congratulations to everyone.


Barbara & Fred Knowles
Marblehead, MA