Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Denali Team 6: June 3 to June 23 - Dispatch #7

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Tad McCrea

Climbers: Jim Bonadonna (New York), David Wain (UK), David Pritchett (UK), Todd Fletcher (Australia), Peter Menne (Germany), David Martin (Australia), Mark Mueller (California), Philip Mace (Bermuda), Brian Knowles (California)

Mike Pond called at 12:57am PST on June 13th with the following dispatch: Hey this is Mike Pond -cut off- We do know that Team 6 is at 14,200 feet and cannot move until the snow storm passes and avalanche danger subsides.

(administrative note: there were messages on our machine over the weekend that had no audible message, just as this message had a long silence after Mike was cut off. It is quite possible that guides get cut off but don't realize it right away and thus believe they left us a message when in reality all that got through was their name.)

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BarbieK said...

Thats too bad. Was looking forward to the dispatch. Will hope for more calls and keep them all in our prayers.
Really glad Brian grew up on the East Coast with all that SNOW!

Best to all,
Barbara & Fred Knowles