Sunday, June 17, 2012

Denali Team 8: June 10 to June 30 - Dispatch #9

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Mary Harlan, Paul Rosser

Climbers: Geoff Strommer (Oregon), Jennifer Logan (UK), Paul Davies (UK), Steven Hart (Florida), David Chambers (Texas), Brian Roark (Texas), Virginia Cross (Australia), Swati Olebe (New York), Selina Dicker (UK)

Andrew Yasso called June 16th at 6:29pm PST with the following dispatch: Hey it's Andrew calling from Camp 2. We thought about stopping today at camp 11 and 3/4 just to keep our rhythm going but we pressed on to 11,200 feet. We single carried from 9600 - 11,200. Now we're looking forward to some delicious burritos and a much deserved rest day tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be a nice day but if it's not at least we get to sit in our tents and relax and eat and recharge instead of being outside in the elements. After that we're hoping to make a cache at around Windy Corner. We're all excited to be getting off the Kahiltna and moving up the mountain The Team has done a phenomenal job of recovering from Swati's injury and walking her out. Everyone's looking forward to a rest and being back to 100% after that effort. 

We'll call tomorrow with some notes and hope to get some from home. Thanks for following us, talk to you soon. 

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Jeanne Ball said...

Happy Father's day to those who are or would be great dads up there!

Super P, you are such a wonderful mentor to so many young people. Whitney says you'd make a great dad, and I'm inclined to agree. Stay on your toes, be patient, and exercise fine judgement up there.

BTW Paul, they named the puppy Copper! You'll need to ask Carey why. Can't wait to hear from you. God bless you, and keep you all safe. Love & miss you so, Jeanne

Jeanne Ball said...

Hi P - already posted a comment (re Father's day), but just thought I'd toss in another in case the first doesn't post. Messages sent from my phone usually don't get through. Training a big, handsome, headstrong Morgan gelding & two yet to be ridden paint mares today. Should be exciting, but not as interesting as Denali! Please call soon. Standing by.........xoxoxoxoxox Jeanne