Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Denali Team 6: June 3 to June 23 - Dispatch #3

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Tad McCrea

Climbers: Jim Bonadonna (New York), David Wain (UK), David Pritchett (UK), Todd Fletcher (Australia), Peter Menne (Germany), David Martin (Australia), Mark Mueller (California), Philip Mace (Bermuda), Brian Knowles (California)

Mike called at 12:45pm PST on 6/6 with the following dispatch:

"Hi, it's Mike.  First of all, Tad says hi as well.  We've moved to an afternoon/night schedule.  We're prepping to head up to Camp 2 and did a cache at 10,200'.  It is windy up higher on the mountain, but it is okay for us now since we are down lower.

Dustin says hi and good luck to his mom who is in Singapore right now.  I'd like to say hi to my parents and hope they are enjoying the beautiful Northeast spring weather.  

In general, we are doing really well.  I want to encourage our fans and friends to post comments on the blog, because we really want to hear how everyone else is doing out there.

That's it for now, we'll talk to you again soon."

Mike then called back at 2:15 with more:

"Peter says hi to Julia; Mark says hi to his sponsers (his family) Ellen, Karen and Miranda; Tad says hi to Whitney and says 'Booyakasha!'; and Jim says hi to Mom; Dave M says hello to Sarah.  

I also have a riddle for everyone - this was told to me from my dad - 'What does a man do on two legs, a woman do sitting down, and a dog do on three legs? - and keep your mind out of the gutter!'  I'll give the answer in tomorrow's dispatch.  

That's it for now, and I'll talk to you again soon!"


Anonymous said...

Regards to Mark from his sponsors. We're doing well, although he is sorely missed by his canine training companion, Sierra, who has taken to sleeping outside since he left for Alaska.
Is the answer to the riddle "pee?"

BarbieK said...

Glad to her your climb is progressing so well. Hope you all experience some great weather and keep those posts coming!

Barbara & Fred Knowles

BarbieK said...

Hope your hike to Camp 2 is a good one.After a weekend of rain and floods we are finally seeing the sun here in Marblehead. Keep those posts coming! Best to all,

Barbara & Fred Knowles

Unknown said...

Tell Tad that his DePew family sends a big hello. We are excited to watch the progress of the trip. Steve is watching daily - so make it great!! Lots of love!

-Alison, Annie, and the guys

Smokey McCrea said...

Tad should know that the answer to the riddle is "shake hands". He should also know that Smokey is back in OR with his brand new knee and is
very proud of him!

Martina Linten said...

Hi Peter, greetings and a hug from Germany. Nice to hear that everybody's fine! Keep a stiff upper lip! Tina & family

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, love hearing the updates. Can't wait to see some pics. To Dave and Todd, did you find the starbucks yet;) Lots of love to Dave.


Kris Slentz said...

Tell Dustin thanks for the shout out. I know how nice it is to hear how everyone is doing when you are somewhere away from home and different from the daily routine. Best wishes to Team 6 as you make your way up the big climb!
Kris Slentz

Rich Pond said...

From Mike's Dad - The riddle he presents is the classic question posed to become a "Turtle". Wikipedia describes the "Ancient Order of Turtles" as follows:

"Turtle Club",[1] or similar title) started as an informal "drinking club" between World War II pilots, self-described as "an honorable drinking fraternity composed of ladies and gentlemen of the highest morals and good character, who are never vulgar."

Narelle said...

Hello to Todd F and Dave M. Glad to hear that all is going well. Mum/asiEnerNarelle

Julia van Boemmel said...

Hi everyone! Happy to get so frequent updates. Seems everything proceeds well on the climb, awesome! It's difficult to imagine how it is up there, enjoying summer time on "see level". Big hug to Peter, and of course good luck and success to all the climbers - must be a great adventure! Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany! Julia

Narelle Fletcher said...

Hello to Todd F & Dave M from the Blue Mts Australia. Glad to read that all is going well. Miss you guys. Especially miss my IT tech the substitute is yet to be tested, called on Alex to help install Bigpond next week, will keep you posted with the results.

Anonymous said...

hello to Mark from his sister: take photos, make smart climbing choices, and have a great adventure !!

C Ulack said...
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Anonymous said...

From Chris Ulack

Brian - Team Take thinks you're really special. I mean like really really special.

We missed you in Austin last was pretty epic. MW had to be sent home in a cab on Sat night due to copious amounts of drinking on a boat and then tackling Tanya and punching Mike as hard as he could.

Keep in touch and don't shit yourself.


Anonymous said...

Big hi to you all way up there, especially to Philis. Hope you are all having an amazing time. Such a great achievement to climb with all that gear up to 11,000 feet. Hope the weather clears so you can carry on with your adventure. Miss you so much Phil. Can't wait to see you. Love jaccles x

Anonymous said...

Phil, you have been shortlisted for reinsurance position. Your CV was given to CFO by my MD so that helped. Interview in early July. Start date Sept? Hope you are ok with me doing that. Enjoy your climb. X

Anonymous said...

Not liking this post Chris!

BarbieK said...

Hi Brian!! We miss hearing your voice! Hope the climb is progressing smoothly! Sending "warm@ wishes from Mom and Dad, Heather &Dave and Dillon!!