Monday, June 25, 2012

Denali Team 7: June 10 to June 30 (private) - Dispatch #14

Guides: Richard Riquelme, Ben Gardner, David Farkas

Climbers: Guy Munnoch, John Moorhouse, Andrew Jenkins, Andrew May, Sid Ratnavelu, Graham Dawson, Jeremy Middleton

Richard Riquelme called June 25th at 2pm PST with the following dispatch: Hey it's Richard we are hunkered down for weather at 17. It was light precipitation today, and very cold and windy. Yesterday was very cold people and people were tired and recovering but are doing a little better today. Today we are just trying to kill the boredness and hope for a weather window. It's pretty well protected here but as soon as you step onto the ridge it's unbelievable wind. The wind coming up here on the ridge hit us hard and reached upwards of 50mph that gave us a wake up call about the funnel effect. Everyone has a little bit of a headache but that's normal for this altitude. We are doing okay so just pray for good weather for us. Thanks for all your messages too, the team really loves the support. 


somewheregood said...

Hi AJ, we think its cold in Joburg until we remember you all up in the mountains. Heres hoping you get that weather break, summit and celebrate. Jack sends a wink, and Jemma is blowing kisses, love K, N and the whippersnappers

Nola said...

Hi andy
The AAI photo of camp 17 looks very very cold--memories of high camp on Elbrus--hope the zip in the tent works .
Just back from supper with J,B and P--saw A and J's flat--only 92 steps , they 're selling it in September.Did I tell you that A was back in dragon boat team?
Keep your hands warm and eat and drink lots.
Love you

Sally said...

Hi Awesome and all of Team 7. Sounds fairly miserable up there. I'm really hoping that the weather improves, and that you all make it to the top. Really missing, Graham and can't wait to see you next week. Love you lots. Mrs D xxx

karen said...

Hi John, Just about to leave for the airport after a good week in Spain, Teddy has been pining after you! Weather has been too hot to do much except swim and relax. Hashing tonight and staying in Lymm. Hope your not using my words if your playing scrabble!! Good luck for the summit day to all you guys and I will see you next week - that sounds so good. Lots of Love Karen xxx

Unknown said...

Let out a huge yahooo in the office when I read you were going to attemp the summit.

Good luck John Moorhouse and the rest of team 7... you are brilliant... think of the chocolate Dad!

Love Jess xx

Anonymous said...

Hi AJ. Praying for the weather to break, and the headaches to pass. Georgina wants to know if you have an oxygen mask. And Duncan wants to know when he can do it with you.Stay warm and safe. Love Nicole et al

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys

Good luck for the summit! Hope you are getting enough protein. I am sure you are missing the Elbrus cuisine.


Nicki said...

All the best Graham... we're following your progress. Nicki and all at d2i

Anonymous said...

Hi John and Sid.
Sounds like pretty rough conditions - but 50mph winds are what hit Snowdon last week! Ok so its a little colder where you are!Tough it out - you've both got the grit to see it through. Fingers crossed for better conditions.
Stewart and Ali

Unknown said...

Hi Dad (Jeremy, and the rest of the team!), really hope that the weather gets better for you - stay smiling and positive! I'm in London at the moment - leaving for Croatia tomorrow morning with all the girls, hopefully we'll manage to organise ourselves and get there (and back) in one piece, I'll be thinking of you! Good luck!! See you in a week Lots of love jess xxxxxxxx

Unknown said...

Hi Dad (jeremy, and the rest of the team!) Hoping the weather gets better for you - keep smiling and stay positive! In london at the flat right now - mum and james watching wimbledon, I'm awaiting the girls arrival to head off to croatia tomorrow morning! Hopefully we'll manage to organise ourselves to get there (and back!) in one piece. Missing you lots - keep your head up and il see you in a week old man! Love you lots. xxxxxxxx

Katie said...

Sounds like hell, sticking pins in your eyes come to mind, you are all completely mad - and I am basking in the reflected glory and very proud already!! Pulling in all the favours with upstairs for a good weather window, if it comes off you will owe big time!!!! Love you Katie

Natasha Moorhouse said...

Hi Dad (John Moorhouse) and Team 7.

Good luck summitting! We're thinking positive thoughts for the weather.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love Tasha and Alan