Thursday, June 28, 2012

Denali Team 7: June 10 to June 30 (private) - Dispatch #18

Guides: Richard Riquelme, Ben Gardner, David Farkas

Climbers: Guy Munnoch, John Moorhouse, Andrew Jenkins, Andrew May, Sid Ratnavelu, Graham Dawson, Jeremy Middleton

David called at 2:40 PST on 6/28 with the following dispatch:

Hey there!  We just wanted to call in with a quick update - Teams 7 and 8 are down on the Kahiltna, and now we are just waiting for the weather to clear so we can get picked up.  Everyone is safe and sound, and we hope to be back in Talkeetna soon!

Richard called back a little while later to add that everyone would like to send their condolences to the families of the Japanese climbers who were lost in the avalanche on Motorcycle Hill.


Sally said...

Excellent news! Hope you get to fly out before too long. I'm going to horse trials with Sue P tomorrow and then out to dinner. Will have mobile with me. Please call as soon as you can. Love you! Mrs D xxx

Nola said...

Hi andy
Great to hear everyone safe --hope you are not stuck at base camp too long
Ben and Jerry finding me boring.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon in Talkeetna. The beers are cold, the burgers huge, and the CMCs all flush, so don't fill up on freeze dried and melted water!

Good luck hurrying up and waiting!
-The Seventh Climber

Jo and Chris said...

Hi Commander,

Just glad to hear you're all safe and sound.
Looking forward to hearing the gory details in a more civilised setting!

Champers still cooling!


Jo, Chris, Alex and Lottie xxxxx

Unknown said...

Catherine said

Phew what a relief that you are all safe and well. I can now enjoy my weekend in Beadnell, we have had major flooding in Newcastle! We have not been affected apart from delays on roads. call me when you can, hope signal in Beadnell is okay!!
Lots of love to you all.