Friday, June 29, 2012

Denali Team 8: June 10 to June 30 - Dispatch #23

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Mary Harlan, Paul Rosser

Climbers: Geoff Strommer (Oregon), Jennifer Logan (UK), Paul Davies (UK), Steven Hart (Florida), David Chambers (Texas), Brian Roark (Texas), Virginia Cross (Australia), Selina Dicker (UK)

Guide Andrew Yasso called at June 29th at 8:45am PST with the following dispatch: We sat around yesterday and the weather at base camp improved and it was sunny and beautiful which is all the more harder to deal with when the mountain passes still have bad weather and planes still can't fly in. I think everyone was dying for another freeze dried meal so we had the chili mac with beef; Again! Personally, I was looking forward to breaking the 40 day mark on the mountain this season. Mary really wanted to listen to another day of Paul's snoring, and Paul thinks the comforts of civilization are for weaklings; he might just camp here until next season.

Regardless, the airstrip officially opens in 10 minutes. However, we'll have to wait for word from the flight coordinator that they're coming. If they are coming we get a 45 min warning to load up and dash over to the loading zone. That's always exciting! I'm going to go organize gear and think optimistically about the perfect flying conditions we appear to have.


Virginia would like her parents to contact her friend in Cali and let her know that she may not make it by Sat. She will call from Talkeetna

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Natasha Swan said...

I think your posts have become more entertaining and amusing with time...I agree, I think you need to stay on the mountain longer.