Monday, June 25, 2012

Denali Team 8: June 10 to June 30 - Dispatch #19

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Mary Harlan, Paul Rosser

Climbers: Geoff Strommer (Oregon), Jennifer Logan (UK), Paul Davies (UK), Steven Hart (Florida), David Chambers (Texas), Brian Roark (Texas), Virginia Cross (Australia), Selina Dicker (UK)

Andrew Yasso called at 5:30 pm PST with the following dispatch:

Well, we thought we could extend our stay on the upper mountain and wait out the weather.  No luck, we're still getting hammered.  Right now there are no teams moving up the mountain.  Lots of tent time these last few days.  We're reading books, watching movies on the iPhone, and playing games.  We've also made a game of avoiding the consumption of freezed dried food.  Right now our plan is to grab our cache above the fixed lines tomorrow or the next day and then begin our descent. 

The whole team is disappointed that the weather hasn't allowed us to go higher, but that is part of the game in the mountains.  The weather rules the day.  Everyone here truly deserves the summit and has made a tremendous effort.

Everyone is looking forward to moving again and we all have our fingers crossed for a weather window that will allow a descent and an on-time return to Talkeetna.

Here are a few messages for the folks at home:

Celina - "Hi Amy and Bryony.  Did my parking permit arrive?  Hope you haven't burned the house down.  Looking forward to rose' upon return."

Paul Davies - "Claire - No summit, trying to get out on time.  Love, Paul."

Steve Hart - "Don't expect me home soon.  Weathered in at 14."

Ginny - "Fighting in the shade.  Love to you all."

Paul Rosser - "Hello to my family and friends."

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