Monday, June 11, 2012

Denali Team 5: May 27 to June 16 - Dispatch #9

Guides: Alasdair Turner, Chad Cochran, Higinio Gonzalez

Climbers: Mary Neave (UK), James Neave (UK), Alex Round (UK),  Daniel Hughes (UK), Knut Heggland (Norway), Guy Manning (Cayman Islands), Michael Rieder (Idaho)

Alasdair Turner called June 11th at 8:45am PST with the following dispatch: Hey it's Alasdair
we are still at 14,200. Saturday there were 70mph winds at 17,000 feet so we didn't move up. Yesterday there were really high winds also. Today we woke up to a big dump of snow; at least a foot. We are anxiously awaiting the the avalanche cycle to begin. All the guided teams are sitting here at 14,200 feet just waiting. There is one guided group at High Camp, they've been there 9 days getting hammered by the weather; getting their tent poles broken. I think there's also a Russian Team up there.

We are hoping to get higher but prospects are waning. The fear is we may only collect our cache and get out of here. Hopefully the avalanche cycle happens so that we can go up and get our cache. It looks like the only possible summit day will be Thursday. There is reason to be concerned about wind loading and the avalanche conditions on the Autobahn. Rangers have warned be about the Autobahn. I'm just hearing an avalanche now so maybe the avalanche cycle has begun.


Rachel Round said...

Stay safe all team 5. We are so sorry the weather is being such a spoil sport.
love to Alex

margaret broster said...

wonderful to see you in good spirits and in a safe tent. You may still have a chance if not youve done so well and it looks beautiful. Dont take risks team 5. Love to Mary and James. MumXX

Gill Broster said...

Hi Mary, James and team 5, sounds like from Dan's latest video it's still possible you'll get to the top. We are thinking about you all lots and really hoping the weather clears, love, Gill, Khaver and Sophia xxx