Monday, June 4, 2012

Denali Team 6: June 3 to June 23 - Dispatch #1

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Tad McCrea

Climbers: Jim Bonadonna (New York), David Wain (UK), David Pritchett (UK), Todd Fletcher (Australia), Peter Menne (Germany), David Martin (Australia), Mark Mueller (California), Philip Mace (Bermuda), Brian Knowles (California)

Mike Pond called at June 3rd at 7pm PST with the following dispatch: Hi this is Mike Pond we have arrived on schedule to begin our climb. We are super psyched to be on the glacier. We will basically do skills review today and tomorrow and then basically we're gonna go on a night schedule for traveling on the lower glaciers. Tomorrow night we will leave camp around midnight and finish up by about 6 or 7am each day. Today is pretty overcast and goes between being not so hot and very hot. Not much news to report.


Anonymous said...

Jim Bonadonna, has again chosen to spend his 50th birthday with all you crazy people at the American Alpine Institute, this time to climb Denali. Please throw a snowball (or 50!) at him next Monday and tell him it’s from Ramita!

Graham Martin said...

G'day Dave and Todd from the Blue Mountains of Oz. Have a great climb. All the best to all of the team. We will all be watching the blog for news.

I am all fine after my run in with the funnel web spider. I survived but the spider did not.

Will send news as it arrives.