Sunday, June 17, 2012

Denali Team 6: June 3 to June 23 - Dispatch #10

Guides: Mike Pond, Dustin Byrne, Tad McCrea

Climbers: Jim Bonadonna (New York), David Wain (UK), David Pritchett (UK), Todd Fletcher (Australia), Peter Menne (Germany), David Martin (Australia), Mark Mueller (California), Philip Mace (Bermuda), Brian Knowles (California)

Mike Pond called June 16th at 5:09pm PST with the following dispatch: Hey folks this is Mike Pond calling from High Camp. 17,100 feet of love. Got here pretty late last night, had some pasta and went to bed. Now we're just resting and we're fortifying our camp with (dramitically deep voice) huge burly, strong, snow walls capable of withstanding wind gusts up to a million miles an hour. It's Saturday and we hope to attempt the summit tomorrow, weather providing. It's been pretty darn cold and windy here so we are hoping there's just enough of a window to squeeze in a possible summit attempt tomorrow. But we've got provisions for four more days up here so we've got the power!

People seem pretty worked but hopefully they get some good rest and a summit stoke gets them energized.

We'll call, hopefully with a post-summit report, but will also call if we don't summit.

We also want to wish all our Fathers out there Happy Father's Day!

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BarbieK said...

So wonderful to hear from you Mike. God Bless you all and we pray that you all reach the Summit. Fred is having a nice Father's Day but he is missing his son calling. Give Brian our love.

Barbara & Fred Knowles

Graham Martin said...

Best of luck for the summit - keep the dispatches coming. Stay safe.

TMartin said...

Upper level winds look promising thru Wend, then up tick Thurs-Sat; then another window. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

You"ve got the power... And all of our prayers...hanging on every vertical foot!
Peace Steve and Genevieve Bonadonna

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you made it up to high camp! Hope you all stay warm in those incredibly cold winds.
Wishing you lots of luck energy to make it up to the top – but the most important thing is that you all come down safely and healthy. I keep my fingers crossed! Julia

Anonymous said...

Has anyone received news from the climbers on Sunday? It seems that they didn't attempt to get to the summit. Please share any news/information about Sunday and Monday.

Kris Slentz said...

Here's hoping everyone got rested and ready to make the big summit push. We're thinking of you all the time.
Kris Slentz