Monday, June 25, 2012

Denali Team 7: June 10 to June 30 (private) - Dispatch #13

Guides: Richard Riquelme, Ben Gardner, David Farkas

Climbers: Guy Munnoch, John Moorhouse, Andrew Jenkins, Andrew May, Sid Ratnavelu, Graham Dawson, Jeremy Middleton

David Farkas called June 24th at 11:10pm PST with the following dispatch: Hey it's Farkas Calling from 17 camp on Denali. We arrived hear yesterday amidst cold blustery windy and were all quite frozen. It was a bit slow going as we had Sid turn around before the fixed lines after deciding that it was getting too strenuous and he was in over his head, which was about right, so hopefully he'll be back next year. He turned around Ben took him down to base camp and he should be flying out tomorrow. We're just chilling at 17, having dinner, suffering from a little swath and lethargy. There's less air up here, it's crazy! But things are good, we're hoping to get up for a summit attempt Tuesday maybe Wednesday. --Cut off--


Andrew May Says: "All Ok, Camp 17,200 my favorite thing! Very Nice. Bye Bye!

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Anonymous said...

Guy, Keep going, nearly there...and above everything...don't drop my penguin out of your rucksack!! Hope heavy duty crampons coming in handy! Sharon xx