Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Denali Team 7: June 10 to June 30 (private) - Dispatch #11

Guides: Richard Riquelme, Ben Gardner, David Farkas

Climbers: Guy Munnoch, John Moorhouse, Andrew Jenkins, Andrew May, Sid Ratnavelu, Graham Dawson, Jeremy Middleton

Richard Riquelme called at 12pm PST, June 20th with the following dispatch: Hi it's Richard, we are doing fixed line training today, we will go up the fixed lines at least a little ways to start acclimatizing today. So, we are keeping busy. Everyone is doing really well. We might move up tomorrow but we might hold out for some coming weather and move up later.

(messages from this morning were delivered in between being cut off at least 10 times)


Katie said...

For Guy, Saw Simon Privett last night, he has retired and now knows more about Denali than Wikipedia! Believe it or not Saad 'wants to catch up with you!!!!' Shahnaaz has told him he will have to wait. Missing you masses but thrilled it is going well. Love you.

Nola said...

Hi andy
i--thank you for the call--so nice to hear your voice.House and dogs and cats all fine-- great British summer with the usual rain as the tennis season starts.Say hi to Jenks and Guy-did anyone take a chessboard for the days of waiting--be carefull up there--the snow might look soft ---
Love you

Anonymous said...

andy, spoke to nola last night. glad you are sounding cheery and enjoying yourself. all is well with julies team in london, some new staff on the horizon. we have also got a new starter of our own - dino, grandson of the legendary silver fox....plans are apace to make this years staff party a blinder.......take care of yourself and your team, all our love...harkers xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi AJ, Hope the weather is kind to you when you attempt to summit in 72 hours time.Take Care. With love, Barry & Edie

Unknown said...

Hi Sid - I hope you're all still getting on really well. Thinking of you all the time and missing you like mad! I've made brilliant progress on wedding plans, can't wait to tell you all about it :). I'm off on my yoga retreat this afternoon. Love you lots xx

Laura to Richard said...

Sammy and I are safely in farm country. He has already had a tractor ride and lots of fun with the crazy cousins. We hope you are doing well. Lots of love, Laura and Sammy (and everyone else).

Anonymous said...

Guy - are you at the top yet? Are you at the top yet? Had first date last night..was not as successful as planned...he wore a green jumper knitted by his granny for one thing and then spent the eve spitting his food at me!! Sorted out the TT issue which is fab! Hope everyone is doing well and in good spirits! Sharon xx

somewheregood said...

HI AJ, the cousins want to know if you have booked Disney yet? Jemma says wear warm socks up there. We are having family dinner at my house tonight - don't be late, love K, N, James, Jemma, Georgie and Duncan

Anonymous said...

Lack of Dispatches disquitening!!

Julie Turner said...

Howzit Andy!
All good on this side - even the suns out! The predicted pregnancy epidemic has struck, first down that slippery slope, Claudine! No surprises then.
Lindas passed her probation, Englands out the World Cup, Sammy got married yesterday, corp sales are getting another member, as are Sales support, Laga is still short, JK is still looking. Much the same then.
Keep safe and well

Julie x