Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Denali Team 8: June 10 to June 30 - Dispatch #4

Guides: Andrew Yasso, Mary Harlan, Paul Rosser

Climbers: Geoff Strommer (Oregon), Jennifer Logan (UK), Paul Davies (UK), Steven Hart (Florida), David Chambers (Texas), Brian Roark (Texas), Virginia Cross (Australia), Swati Olebe (New York), Selina Dicker (UK)

Andrew Yasso called June 12 at 9am PST with the following dispatch: We went to bed last night and had intermittent rain which is partially soothing to sleep to but also reminds us of the N. Cascades and (Paul Rosser yells from background that the weather is disfunctional) Andrew clarifies that it's "variable". 

We were up early this morning and everyone was super efficient at packing and getting off to Camp 1. About an hour and a half in the weather turned to sideways rain and heavy wind. Everyone was really strong so we decided to take a weather hold. So we are currently between Base Camp and Camp 1 at approximately 6900 feet. We had just started climbing away from Heartbreak hill when the weather hit. We dug a quick cook tent and are sitting waiting for a break in the weather. 

(I delivered messages from previous posts to the team they send these back.)

Mary says: I love you Boo!

Paul Davies says: Hi Claire I love you lots say hi to the kids.

Selina says: Hi Mom and Dad I'm having a ball.

Swati says: Hi Ed, love you and miss you.

Brian Says: Hello friends with shrug of the shoulders as if to say what else am I gonna' say

Andrew says: Hi Natasha I hope you like your jacket but I could use it as a dry layer right now.

Paul Rosser says: Hi Jeanne I miss you and your texts  a lot.


Anonymous said...

Keep chugging along honey badger (Andrew). May the cedars of Lebanon be with you. -Holden

Anonymous said...

Hi Super P - May the weather soon shift in your favor. Sure wish I were rolling with you all up yonder high hill. Whitney, Rufus, Tonga, Sam, Peekaboo & all your JH human friends say hello. Miss and love you so.

Anonymous said...

P.S. - thanks for your post, Colonel. Look forward to the next ones. xoxo J

Natasha Swan said...

So good to hear from you Andrew. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paul ~ You are there and doing exactly what you love to do! Wishing the best to Denali Team 8 ~ have fun, be safe, make it happen !! Sending weather cooperation wishes.

Lisa / Colorado